Bachelorette Weekend ft. Miami

Since Ray & I are off on our Honeymoon, I thought it was only fitting to take a little look at my last beach vaca, Miami!

Where to go, what to pack & what to do in Miami Beach for a Bachelorette weekend.

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NO. 1 - Where To Stay

For my bachelorette weekend we stayed at the STUNNING @edenrocmiamibeach which included access to (4) beautiful pools + (2) hot tubs + beach access which we’ll touch on more later + (2) delicious restaurants + a spa! Their staff was incredibly friends & gave 5 star treatment every step of the way from accommodating any of our needs, giving us restaurant recommendations, etc. Our room was a junior suite which included a huge stunning balcony that we spent our mornings drinking coffee on, large living space to do bachelorette games & luxurious comfy beds. Our room also has a large soaking tub, rain shower & the MOST. COMFORTABLE, ROBES of all time. Ask any of us girls 😂 But regardless of the type of room you reserve, each room has a view of the ocean. Eden Roc was also in the perfect location for a short Uber ride anywhere we wanted to go, right on the water & even walking distance to a few other spots to check out. It had the perfect variety of girls getaways, couple vaca’s, and both older & younger crowds. 10/10 I’d recommend Eden Roc for any Miami Getaway!

NO. 2 - What To Pack

My bachelorette weekend theme was #bachelorettedisco & all the girls pitched in to plan themed days which made packing very easy! A swim suite for each day A sundress or casual outfit for the mornings we were going out for brunch (which was 2 mornings for us) A night outfit for each night (the girls did 1 black dress, a red dress, & a disco glitter dresses) ‑ see my outfits linked on the app *link in bio* Fun personalized cups to use throughout the weekend Sandals (2) Versatile heels (I went with nude) (1) Pj’s Sunscreen Fanny pack or beach bag A versatile purse for at night Makeup & hair products A beach cover‑up or two Sunglasses & chain Extravagant jewelry

NO. 3 - Our Itinerary

Thursday: ‑Land in Miami & head to hotel ‑store luggage or check into room early ‑ unpack/get drinks at hotel bar/explore hotel ‑ grocery shopping (* pr tip: use Amazon prime to get alcohol & snacks delivered to your hotel. It’s less expensive than the local stores on the island & is delivered to your hotel within 2 hours*) ‑Black Dress Night ‑5 pm drinks at @brokenshaker cocktail bar ✨ 25 minute walk from hotel ‑ 7:45 pm dinner reservation @juviamiami ‑ Then hopped around to a few different bars & clubs Friday: ‑ Coffee & bagels in bed ‑ Beach & Pool day ☀️ ‑ Red Dress Night & cocktails at hotel ‑ 8:15 pm reservation @cecconisrestaurants (*highly recommend their amazing wine & truffle pasta) Saturday (explore/beach day): ‑ Brunch at 10:30 at Social Club ‑ Bar hop & explore Miami Beach * I loved Taco Taco across the street from The social club ‑ Beach or pool time ‑ DISCO NIGHT ‑ Games ✨ Gifts ✨ Fun Cocktails in the hotel room ‑ 8 pm dinner reservation at @baolimiami ‑ Then hopped around to a few different bars & clubs Sunday: ‑ 11 am check out ‑ Brunch at Malibu Farm at @edenrocmiamibeach ‑ Uber to airport (20 min from hotel)

*take a quick look at the entire weekend in a short video*

NO. 4 - The Beach

If you’re coming to Miami your first stop is likely the stunning beaches. They were clean, gorgeous & plenty of room for everyone to spread out. Our hotel (@edenrocmiamibeach) had plenty of beach front, a beach bar, & lounge chairs/cabanas that were on a first come first serve basis. The waves crashing on the shore & the sun beaming down on us was the perfect balance of fun and relaxation that we needed! I’d highly recommend a hotel with beach front access otherwise your stuck providing all of your own beach accommodations (towels, etc) and limited public space.

NO. 5 - Bachelorette Goodies & Games

Goodies: Bride Sash ‑ I was able to wear it all the time! From dinners to pool days it was always around me. “Mrs” clip that was the perfect touch in my hair A few thoughtful penis items ‑ straws, suckers, penis shaped glitter, banners, etc. Nothing over the top or raunchy! Disco cups or whatever cups fit your theme ‑ this was the best item we had so we wouldn’t get out cups mixed up, we’d fill them up to use at the beach instead of repeatedly buying $15 drinks, & we bought liquor & champagne at a local liquor store to make cocktails Fanny packs ‑ these came in handy so often from using it in the morning to grab coffee, carrying your items to the beach or pool, or even as your purse while you’re day drinking so you don’t forget your purse somewhere! Visors ‑ silly but cute! Perfect for the beach. *I linked all of these items in my so check it out for more ideas* Games: The Question Games ‑ before the weekend the girls asked Ray a bunch of questions pertaining to me, our relationship, our future, etc and recorded his answers without me knowing. Then I had to answer the same questions & then we compared what we both said. It was sweet & funny to hear how similar our answers really were. 😂 The undies game ‑ each girl brought me a pair of undies for the honeymoon & I had to guess who gave me them. 🙈 Pin the junk on the hunk ‑ I think the name says it all. 💋 Memories Game ‑ sharing stories & memories of our friendships over the years 💕 It was so sweet to hear the memories from other girls perspectives. Rose & thorn ‑ every night at dinner we had to say our highlight and least favorite part of the day. ❤️ Photobooth‑ okay I know this isn’t exactly a game but it was so awesome having the photo booth backdrop in our hotel room to create the PERFECT backdrop for photos before going out each night ✨

NO. 6 - Tips & Tricks

1. Request hotel rooms on the same floor to make it easy to go back & forth 2. Order Amazon Prime Groceries to be delivered to the hotel with alcohol, mixers, breakfast food & drunk snacks. Was easier & less expensive then Ubering to a nearby grocery store on the island. 3. Plan themes for each night to make it easy to pack & “match” 4. Make reservations for every single meal & then just cancel them if a better option pops up!

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