Bridesmaid Duty

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There is a lot more to being a bridesmaid than just the title. It comes with a time & financial commitment that not only should you be prepared for but also understand completely. So what are you really agreeing to when saying "YES" to your bridesmaid proposal.

Support Support Support

Planning a wedding, even in perfect conditions, is stressful. Managing family dynamics, new budgets, making hundreds of decisions daily and all the extra work and stress of a wedding can be overwhelming for the bride so offer your support. Check in regularly, be someone she can depend on, alleviate stress (NEVER add to it) & offer unwavering support.

Celebrate Your Girl!

Be her number one cheerleader every step of the way. Show up to ALL festivities with a big smile on your face ready to spoil her because it is your job as her main crew to make her feel SO LOVED just like you know she will do for you one day. Do all you can to be 100% present for her. On the wedding day if you see the dance floor empty, grab the girls & get out there. If something is not going to plan, handle it so that the bride never knows. Stay until the end of the wedding, never leave early at wedding events & C E L E B R A T E!

Don't Get Wasted. PERIOD.

Seems so simple, right?! You'd be amazed how many bridesmaids I see forget this little rule. Of course have some cocktails & enjoy the day but not until A F T E R the ceremony and definitely don't allow yourself to get over served. We need you in tip top shape for photos, standing up at the alter, speeches & everything in between.

Put Together An Emergency Kit For The Bride

Some of my most used items from my kit include: Shout packets, mints, fashion tap, scissors, Bandaids, Travel lotion, Mini Sewing Kit, Tampons, Advil, & Granola Bars.

Forge Friendships & Advocate For The Bride

The entire wedding process will be that much more fun if you make friends with the other girls standing up in the wedding, are inclusive of everyone & avoid drama at all costs. If you see any of the girls straying away from what the Bride would want (including her mom or in-laws), ALWAYS advocate for the Bride's wishes.

Be Self-Sufficient

Don't always wait for the bride to come to you with requests. Take initiative, offer to help & be as self-sufficient as possible.

Suck It Up And Smile

Don't complain about the dress. Don't complain about how early you have to wake up on the wedding day. Don't complain about spending money. Just don't complain about anything. Smile, be gracious & remember that this girl standing in front of you who means the world to you chose YOU to stand next to her on the most important day of her life.

Remember What This Day Is All About

We can all get lost in the sparkle of a wedding day but ultimately when you are agreeing to be a bridesmaid you are agreeing to love, support & encourage the bride and groom's marriage until the end of time. A wedding is a public commitment saying "we are choosing each other for forever... hold us to it" and sometimes that vow is a difficult one to keep so as her main girls, the people she trusts with all of her secrets, it is your job to hold them to the vows they make that day.

General Bridesmaid Expenses

$250 - Bridesmaid Dress

$50 - Bridesmaid Shoes

$50 - Bridesmaid Jewelry

$150 - Hair & Makeup for the Wedding Day

$500 - Bachelorette Weekend

$100 - Bridal Shower Decor

$100 - Bridal Shower Gift

$100 ($200 if you have a date) - Wedding Gift

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