Honeymoon ft Playa Mujeres, Mexico

Since Ray & I just left our beautiful, sunny, warm Mexico getaway to arrived back to the tundra & snow storm that Wisconsin currently is, I thought I would dive into the details of our honeymoon so that I can pretend I am still there soaking up the sun (& drinking spicy mango margaritas).

We will chat through where to go, what to pack & what to do in Mexico for your honeymoon along with my tips & opinions on how to plan the perfect Honeymoon getaway.

Shop my looks HERE. NO. 1 - Why We Chose Mexico & Where To Stay Once You're There

Ray & I had big dreams of Italy, The Maldives, or somewhere exotic for our Honeymoon when we first got engaged and was dreaming up our "one day" but when the pandemic hit & the world seemed to be changing my the minute, we knew that our trip halfway around the world would be just a tad out of reach for a little while longer.

We contemplated the idea of postponing our honeymoon completely until our one year wedding anniversary, but after changing so many details for the wedding & the stress that came with that, we knew that it was important that immediately after the wedding we did SOMETHING to celebrate our marriage & spend some much needed quality time to relax together.

With the uncertainty of travel bans looming & not wanting to invest in another dream that would end up being canceled, we waited until about two or three months before our wedding to make our final honeymoon plans. We toyed with the idea of Jamaica or Turks & Caicos, until we finally found the STUNNING Excellence Playa Mujeres on a whim. With Mexico feeling like a bit more realistic on still being open for travel, the 4 hr flight (instead of 8+), & half the cost for the all inclusive resort in Mexico vs just the hotel stay in one of the other two locations, we decided that as long as we were on a beach together, we would make the most of our Honeymoon no matter where we ended up.

On a whim I saw that a random blogger I followed on Instagram had gone to Playa Mujeres on a trip & thought the resort looked BEAUTIFUL. After perusing their website for a little while together, Ray & I booked our trip to Mexico one night cozied up by the fireplace in our basement oo'ing & ahh'ing at all the photos.

Excellence Playa Mujeres blew all of our expectations out of the water. From the incredible level of service, champagne upon arrival & a fresh bottle in our room after being cleaned daily, the assortment of actives & night shows, a beautiful beach, incredible food & cocktails, multiple pools, relaxing day beds & so much more. We can not recommend Excellence Playa Mujeres enough. 10/10 in our book!

NO. 2 - What To Pack

Even though I fit everything for my week long honeymoon in a backpack & small carry-on, I still definitely overpacked.

If I could do it over, I would have packed less day outfits, an extra dress or two & added my tinted moisturizer to wear down to the pool but all in all, not the end of the world!

During the day all you really need is your swimsuit & a beach coverup. But in the evenings,

EPM has a "strict" but easy dress code around the resort. One of the night's Ray was asked to change his shirt because although it was a really nice shirt, it didn't have a collar so be aware that they do take it seriously.

Their dress code is as follows:

For ladies: Skirt with a blouse, jumpsuit or a dress

For gentlemen: Long dress pants and collared shirt

Casual shoes or elegant sandals must be worn.

T-shirts, tank tops, shorts, beach sandals, and flip flops are not allowed.

If I was going back to Playa Mujeres I would pack the following:


(2) Lounge sets - check out my favorite one from amazon here

(2) Casual Day Outfits For exploring for "island"

A pair of workout leggings + a few workout tops (pro tip: wear one of these on the there to be comfy, warm & save room in your bag)

(6) Dresses or jumpsuits for dinner & the nightly shows

Shoes: gym shoes, neutral sandals & a nude pair of heels that will match everything

Minimalistic jewelry to wear at night

Face & Body Sunscreen - checkout my favorite here


Easy Skincare

(4) Swimsuits - click here to see my favorite affordable options

(2) Coverups to wear down to the beach & pool

All nude underwear, bra's & sticky boobs

Beach bag or backpack

A book or two


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NO. 3 - The Restaurants

There are 14 restaurants on the resorts property + 9 bars. All of them delicious, unique & incredible services from start to finish. We never ate. single item we didn't enjoy & always left full & satisfied.

Our top two favorite restaurants from our trip included:

Spice - Spice serves up hand-rolled sushi, inspired street fare, Thai dishes and interactive Teppanyaki rooms. The sushi assortment was delicious and the Pad Thai & Curry Rice were incredible.

Basmati - Basmati is an authentic Indian restaurant in the heart of Cancun with bold, exotic flavors. Since we are not super familiar with Indian cuisine, we had our server select all of our dishes ordering somewhere between 8-10 different items... truly one of our absolute favorite (& most delicious) experiences.

We also really enjoyed the poolside burgers and pizza, and the room service breakfast in bed. They also had a coffee shop on the resort that we went to multiple times throughout the trip.

NO. 4 - The Beach

The beach was beautiful, clean & filled with an endless supply of beach chairs. We never struggled to find a spot to relax for the afternoon. They also had servers walking around to take your food & drink orders so that you could just relax & soak up the sun.

The week we were in Playa Mujeres, it was sunny, in the 80's but a bit windy near the water so we spent more time by the pools than on the actual beach.

The resort offers kayaking, sailing, snorkeling, and so much more on the beach complimentary but due to the wind, most were not available for the week.

We did try to go parasailing because that has been on my bucket list FOREVER. We signed up, they drove us out on the boat & then we had to immediately turn around due to the wind picking up so instead we went jet skiing which was still really fun!

NO. 5 - What We Did

-Couples Massage + Water Massage

-Jet Skiing in the Ocean

-Fire Show

-Had breakfast on our private balcony

-Road Bikes Around the "Island"

-Smoked Cigars in the Cigar Lounge

-Ate SO MUCH Food

-Had Spicy Mango Margaritias daily that were incredible

-Ate at a different restaurant every night

-Walked the shoreline of the beach to the lighthouse

-Read my booking while laying on the day beds

-Drank at the swim-up bar

-Saw an acrobat show

-Ordered dessert room service to eat on our balcony

-Played volleyball

-Slept in the day beds

-Made friends with other honeymooners

-Drank champagne in our balcony bathtub

NO. 6 - Covid Precautions

Throughout our trip there were cover precautions in place to keep everyone comfortable & safe but at no point did I feel like it deterred our experience.

All employees wore masks at all times

We were given hand sanitizer before every meal to wash our hands before eating (including when they delivered food & drinks poolside)

Free onsite Covid test provided

Buffets were closed except for the morning one which the servers handled all of the plating of the food

Plexiglass walls were up around nearly all of the bars

Our shoes were cleaned upon arrival as to not track in germs from our flight

Contactless room service delivery

I am sure there were more but those are the ones that stand out the most!

NO. 7 - Tips & Tricks

1. Leave for your honeymoon RIGHT AWAY but NOT the next day. - If your wedding is on Saturday like ours was, we highly commend heading out the Monday/Tuesday after your wedding.

Sunday you'll want to spend time with your remaining guests still in town, get your luggage back home & unpacked, and get any leftover food or decor items squared away. Sunday night, we snuggled in bed with our pup, Hadley while looking through our photo booth book & reading all of our wedding cards. It was so special & helped us to continue the excitement of the weekends festivities. Monday we woke up at home, finished packing for Mexico & then drove to Chicago to get checked into our hotel, have a nice dinner and relax before our early flight Tuesday morning.

Leaving on Tuesday allowed up to keep our "wedding high" going & it made us feel like our wedding weekend was still happening! It was exciting to head out on this new adventure as husband & wife. It was truly a whirlwind and I wouldn't have changed it for anything.

2. Reread your wedding vows. - If you're like Ray & I, you will remember bits and pieces from your wedding ceremony but in all honesty is becomes a really happy blur of a memory. Instead we took our vows that we had read to each other on the wedding day & reread them to each other on the beach in Mexico. It was so special & we were really able to absorb & hear each others wishes, promises & hopes for our marriage together.

3. Make friends with other Honeymooners. - This allowed up to swap stories & relive our wedding day over and over with each new couple that we met. It also allowed us to share the experience with more people and have someone to talk about our days with over dinner.

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