Our Bridal Shower: Kiss The Miss Goodbye

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The Theme

"Kiss the Miss Goodbye" was the theme of my shower. I wanted everything to be pink, red, kiss details, flirty, girly & fun! Impressions by Esther made stunning arrangements, Sound By Design provided a beautiful "LOVE" marquee sign, we created an incredible balloon arch over the buffet station & so much more! The day was perfection & I couldn't have asked for more.

The Venue

Since we chose to have one shower instead of multiple smaller ones we needed a location large enough to host about 50 guests with enough space for guests to spread out & enjoy. For this reason we chose Vista MKE in the heart of Milwaukee. Their third floor rooftop space was the perfect setting on this gorgeous August day.

The Hosts

I opted to have just one large shower with all the women in my life who have shaped, encouraged & inspired Ray & I along the way. My mom offered to host which was such an incredible blessing & my cousins, Diane & Maria, offered to help me organize and plan everything. I truly could not have done it without these three by my side!

The Attire

For the Bride: White of course! Wear something that makes you feel beautiful, confident, comfortable & truly like a bride.Comfortable shoes are a must and some fun accessories are always a great addition.

For the Bridal Party:

I asked all of my bridesmaids to wear any pink or red sundresses. Casual, cute & it helped guests to know who my bridesmaids were.

The Food & Drinks

For our shower I really wanted everything to be mix & mingle style so that guests could spend quality time with one another & enjoy one of the last beautiful days of summer. For this reason we had a appetizer style buffet paired with a candy & dessert bar instead of a formal luncheon. All of the delicious food was provided through our venue, Vista MKE, who did a fantastic job not only being sure the food was incredible but also a safe food handling environment with servers on site plating the food. Their team was absolutly wonderful! The dessert bar was a combination of donuts, red & pink candies and a STUNNING cake by The Cake Lady (who is also creating our wedding cake).

As for cocktails, my bridesmaids helped me to create a custom bar menu filled with all pink, red & white cocktails which included my personal favorite "The Cranberry Kiss" (AKA a Moscow Mule with a Splash of Cranberry). We also had custom drink pouches made by The Bach Boutique which everyone raved about! They were so fun for guests & an awesome way to tie the theme into the cocktails. Mine said "Future Mrs. Riordan" while all the guests pouches said "Miss to Mrs" with a little kiss on there. So many of the guests even took their pouches home after the party. 10/10 I would recommend these for a shower, bachelorette weekend or even just a fun girls night!

The Guest Book

For our guest book my cousin created a custom sign for us that said "Kiss The Miss Goodbye", added lip stickers & had guests sign little notes on it. Now post shower, it hangs above my desk as a reminder of all the strong & amazing women I have in my life. She also created a "words of wisdom" box that guests were able to write little notes to Ray & I which we red together the morning after the shower. A great alternative to bridal shower games!

The Photos

Create or purchase a GeoFilter for Snapchat for your guests to use to share about your bridal shower fun. I purchased mine through Rinacreating on Etsy. They were so easy to work with, was so quick to respond & happily edited the design to fit my Bridal Shower Theme. It came in a downloadable file & in just a few moments you can upload it to snapchat through this link: https://www.snapchat.com/on-demand. Such an easy, fun & inexpensive addition to the day that my guests LOVED!

You can also host a photo booth for guests to take photos in. We opted for an open concept Photo Booth so that we could get large group photos & used the beautiful cream city brick as the backdrop. We also put up pink, red & white steamers & lip balloons to add to our "Kiss the Miss Goodbye" theme. We rented our booth through Sound By Design who did a fantastic job! With SBD specifically each photo taken prints out two copies right on site so that the guests could take one home & we could have one copy to keep in our photo album.

I also had the EXTREMELY talented Lindsey Cole Photography there capturing the day as well. She took all of the beautiful photos you see here! Lindsey is so kind, sweet & has the the most amazing heart. I can not recommend her enough! The moment & memories she captured are priceless and I will truly cherish them forever.

The Favors

As a "Thank You" to each guest we had a Build Your Own Bouquet bar that guests could put together & then bring with them to decorate their home with flowers from the party. It gave guests an activity to do (since we opted not to open gifts) & doubled as a favor for them to take home.

The Gifts

Over the years I have been to MANY baby & bridal showers and although I think the gift opening is a nice tradition, I really didn't want that to be the focus of the day. I was much happier spending time with family & friends instead of just looking out at them. So instead, Ray gave a wonderful "Thank You" speech, we enjoyed the day with our family & the morning after the shower we made our favorite coffee drinks and opened up everything together. The gifts are all wonderful & are a blessing to us as we start out our married life journey together so it was important to me that Ray & I opened each one together taking the time to really soak in each gift.

Covid Precautions

Just like any other bride going through this strange time in history while also trying to plan a wedding, we wanted covid precautions to be in place without it taking away from the focus of the day. With this in mind, we had a sanitation stations at the entrance when guests arrived which housed hand sanitizer & pink face masks, we also chose a venue with outdoor capabilities which allowed for fresh air & plenty of space to spread out. We also kept our guest list within 50% of the capacity of the space and had servers behind the buffet station plating the food so that guests wouldn't be touching the serving utensils over & over again.


Although Ray gave a speech at the shower I also wanted to give a BIG thank you to everyone who made this day so special. I wish I could have had 10 hours to spend with each of you really soaking in these moments... the day really flew by! Thank you to my mom who hosted everything & was my person to lean on when it felt like covid just might ruin everything.THANK YOU to my cousins, Diane & Maria, who helped me organize & execute everything. They allowed me to bounce all sorts of annoying ideas off of them, created a lot of the custom items & helped with anything and everything. I truly couldn't have done any of it without them. And thank you to everyone who came despite the distance & all the craziness happening in the world. You all came together to celebrate us & I couldn't be more thankful. & last but certainly not least, thank you Raymond. Thank you for helping to organize everything, calming down my perfectionist side so that I could just enjoy the day, & being present at the girls party. You truly are my better half.

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