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Let me start off by saying that I know big picture there are people that have lost so much more from the coronavirus then just a wedding. Every single person is being effected one way or another during this incredibly challenging time from salaries being cut or losing jobs completely, families struggling to make ends meet, big moments canceled or put on hold, delicate lives lost, and more. There has just been so much sadness, anxiety, tiers cried, & uncertainty caused by this darn virus that my head just keeps spinning in disbelief that this is really happening.

As a wedding planner having to postpone people's special days that you've seen them work tirelessly to plan, fork out thousands upon thousands of dollars for & have been anxiously awaiting the moment for months (or in a lot of cases, years) now postponed is heartbreaking beyond measures.

But during a time of such uncertainty & sadness it is important to find the rainbow during the storm. So in the spirit of holding onto hope for a better tomorrow I wanted to give you a few key things you can be working on to plan for your upcoming wedding to bring some joy back into the planning process. To remember that this too shall pass & soon enough we will be celebrating again (bigger & better than every before).

No matter what stage you are in of planning this list has something for you:

1. Create or Update Your Guest List.

What a better time then right now to sit down with your significant other & talk about the people that mean the most to you. Create your wish list of people you want to celebrate this monumental moment with & then work as a team to reach out to each of these individuals to get their addresses.

2. Create a Wedding Day Playlist.

Okay so you probably aren't marrying a DJ like I am who created a playlist for just about EVERY part of our wedding months before we were even engaged. Now is the perfect time to open a bottle of wine & blast some of your favorite music to put together some of your very own wedding playlists. Nothing is better for the soul then some snuggle time with your boo with music playing in the background. Here is a list of events you might want to put together a playlist for:

-Engagement Party

-Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

-Bridal Shower

-Rehearsal Dinner

-"Getting ready" the morning of the wedding

-Party Bus

-Sunday Brunch

No need to make a play list for the wedding itself (that's what you hired a DJ or band for) but while you're putting together your other playlists be thinking about a potential first dance song, special dance songs (ex: father/daughter, mother/son), music you want to walk down the aisle to, etc. Trust me... you'll thank me later!

3. Shop for Necessities

Almost every store right now is having a sale so take advantage of that by shopping online for some wedding items you know you are going to buy anyways in the coming months. Now I know money is probably tight right now so only keep your eye's on the necessities. Some of those items may be:

-Wedding Jewelry, Shoes & Accessories

-Bridal Shower Outfit

-Rehearsal Dinner Outfit

-Spanx/Wedding Undergarments

Hunt for deals & only buy things on sale for now.

4. Research Honeymoon Locations

While now might not be the best time to actually book anything it is the perfect time to daydream about your little getaway. Do some research. Narrow down a few locations, hotels, & activities that might interest you so that when this all passes & it is time to book you have a good idea of where you two are heading.

5. Create That Wedding Website You've Been Putting Off

Wedding websites are free & a fun way to showcase your wedding festivities. You can add photos of the two of you, connect your registry right to it, layout your wedding weekend details like times, locations & hotel blocks, and add stories about your bridal party. Once you're done, share it with your social media world. Everyone is stuck inside looking for things to do so I have no doubt they will have fun looking through it.

And when all of these items are checked off your "to do" list, give back. Write a review on a vendors page or make a payment early because more likely than not, all of your vendors are small business owners doing their best to work through this uncertain time just like you. Pay it forward & the return on your investment will be tenfold when your special day finally comes around.

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