Unpopular Wedding Opinions from a Wedding Planner

Everyone has their own opinions when it comes to weddings & it seems like when you get engaged all of a sudden everyone wants to share those opinions with you, even if you didn't ask, so let me add one more opinion to your list!

Last week I asked on my Instagram for some of your unpopular wedding opinions. I listed a few of my favorites & added my opinions of each of them.

What other unpopular opinions do you have about weddings? Do you agree with the ones below?

Let us know in the comments!

Unpopular Opinion: Smaller weddings are much better than big ones!

My Opinion: I always thought the bigger the better. More people to share the day with. More people apart of those memories. More people on the dance floor rocking that party.

However Covid gave me a glimpse into the benefits of more intimate weddings. With less people you have a larger budget to spend on the details, the little aspects that make your day more unique. Maybe that is being able to splurge on a six course dinner instead of your standard three if food is the number one item on your wishlist. Or maybe it is being able to have more extravagant floral designs that really embody your dream day.

Having a smaller wedding also allows for you to spend QUALITY time with each & every guest that is attending. The day will be filled with your absolute favorite people & you'll be able to spend more than just a few minutes with each of them. With larger weddings you are constantly moving from group to group.

Unpopular Opinion: Kids should not be allowed at weddings.

My Opinion: This is a big rule for me. Kids should not be at an adult event. They change the feel & focus of the day. Even the best behaved kids often end of crying, screaming & potentially messing with special moments because a wedding day is just too long & overwhelming for them. The parents end up not enjoying the day with you & 9 times out of 10 they leave early.

I am a big believer in adults only weddings.

Unpopular Opinion: Cash bars are tacky.

My Opinion: I have to say I agree on this one. Do I think you have to offer premium liquor & a completely 100% open bar the entire night? No no no. That is not what I am saying at all. What I am saying is that your guests are spending time and money on gifts, hotels, travel, etc, and in my opinion if you are hosting the event you should also host a portion of the bar.

This could mean just hosting beer & wine, while cocktails are on their own dime but some portion of the bar should be offered on your tab the duration of the event.

Unpopular Opinion: PLEASE skip the garter & bouquet toss

My Opinion: I get that they are tradition but they are also kind of awkward!

The garter is a big NO GO for me. It breaks up the dance floor usually right as it is getting good, it's uncomfortable for everyone (especially your poor dad) & honestly no one wants to watch your new hubby make his way up your dress.

On the other hand, I think a bouquet toss is fun depending on the crowd. If you are one of the last of your friends to get married, please don't make your two single friends get out there on the dance floor to catch your bouquet. Know your crowd.

Unpopular Opinion: Favors are a waste of money & no one wants them.

My Opinion: Agreeeeeed! By the time guests leave, they have forgotten all about your favors leaving 75% of them to be thrown away at the end of the night. Save your money for something that will make a bigger impact.

However if you are completely set on providing favors for your guests a few of my favorites include:

Cigar Bar - can be used that night or taken home

Koozies - who doesn't need another to add to their collection?!

Late Night Snacks - bag of popcorn, chocolate or some other delicious treat for after your guests have had a few too many cocktails. Bonus points if that snack is also either locally made OR has a huge significance to the two of you.

Unpopular Opinion: The convenience of online RSVP's will never outweigh the elegance of mail in cards.

My Opinion: YES. YES. A MILLION TIMES, YES. Paper products set the tone for your wedding weekend. It was an area we personally splurged a little but I truly believe in my heart it allowed guests to see a glimpse into what our weekend had in store for them & us. Online is convenient but something about receiving & mailing physical paper had more of a timeless feel to it.

Unpopular Opinion: It is okay to do what you want to do even if it is overdone.

My Opinion: I think this is a perfect one to end on because it showcases my NUMBER ONE RULE when planning your wedding; do not ever ever ever do something JUST because it is tradition or trendy. Your day should feel authentically yours so if you are doing something purely because it's trendy right now, I don't vibe with that, but if you are doing something that happens to be trendy but you truly LOVE it and it embodies your relationship, then heck yes! Do it. Who cares if your friend did something similar. Your day is about YOU & YOUR love story. Don't let anyone convince you to do something you don't want to do or not do something you have your heart set on. In the end you'll be thankful you stuck to the day you envisioned.

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