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I have had a Pinterest page of wedding bands since WAYYYYY before Ray & I ever met but when the time came to actually pick a ring it felt a bit overwhelming. Ray had worked with Lorry at Powers Jewelry to design my engagement ring so going back there for our wedding bands was a no brainer! They are so well educated in the diamond business & can source just about anything we could dream up. They guided us every step of the way & now I am here to share that same insight with you.

Emily's Ring: My vision for this piece of jewelry has changed over the years but at the core my "wants" have stayed the same: uniquely timeless piece that makes a statement even when not worn with my engagement ring. By this I mean I wanted a piece of jewelry that felt unique & special but something that I would love & want to wear everyday for forever. I wanted it to still feel impactful enough to wear alone for those times when wearing my engagement ring isn't an option (like at the gym).

Tips for her:

1. Include your man in picking out this next ring.

He picked your engagement ring so I am sure he will be excited to introduce you to the person who helped him select it & work together to add to it.

2. Have an anchor point on your wedding band.

When I originally envisioned my wedding ring I wanted diamonds going all the way around the ring continuously but Lorry taught us that having a break in the diamonds will allow you to always have a "bottom point" so that the diamonds on top stay in the best condition & if you ever need to resize your ring it is very easy for them to do so without having to add or remove any diamonds.

3. Have a photo or two of some bands that are your style.

Do some research before heading into the store. Find a ring or two that you might like so you can at least have a bit of a direction to show the sales person helping you. If they don't have a ring in store that matches your vision they can typically source a ring similar in a matter of days for you to try on OR even design something custom for you.

4. Keep an open mind.

You might walk in with your heart set on a certain ring but once you see it with your engagement ring you just might feel differently.

Ray's Ring: Ray on the other hand hadn't thought much about his wedding band until we got engaged but after we got engaged it seemed like he was constantly pointing out other men's rings saying what he did & didn't like. At first we both loved the dark metal options for him; tungsten specifically but when we went in & chatted with Lorry she explained some pro's & con's to something like this:

Tungsten Pro's: Heavy duty, not easily scratched, modern, popular, less expensive, etc.

Tungsten Con's: Not easy to mold or change as a man's finger gets bigger or smaller over the years because it most definitely will change but they can't resize the ring. If it does scratch it is nearly impossible to buff it out.

After hearing this we decided to look into other options. A gold band stuck out to us next for a few reasons; both of our dad's have gold wedding bands, it would match my wedding ring since mine is also gold & most importantly it can be resized. The ring he wears on his wedding day is the same one he wants to wear every single day for the rest of his life. There is something so special & magical about that. It can also be worked on if any scratches or dents become noticeable.

Gold Pro's: Classic, precious metal, match your fiancé's ring, easy to resize, etc.

Gold Con's: Not as heavy duty, more expensive.

Tips for him:

1. Allow your girl to be excited.

You had the chance to pick out her engagement ring but this is her first time getting to do something like this. Let her be excited. Let her be involved. Share in this moment together.

2. Try on options.

Men often times just go with the first ring they try on but remember that you are going to be wearing this every day so put some thought into it. Wear it for more than 30 seconds before making a decision.

3. Listen to the sales person when it comes to sizing.

You aren't used to wearing a ring so having anything on your finger is going to feel a little weird & uncomfortable at first so often times men end up buying a ring that's a bit too big for them. You want it to be a bit snug so that it doesn't go flying off.

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