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After getting engaged & trying on what felt like hundreds of wedding dresses my motivation to get to the gym to tighten & tone and the need to get my skin in tip top shape was higher than ever. I want to be glowing in every sense of the word and present the best version of myself on this special day which is why I started to make these few simple changes in my routine:

1. Commit to hitting the gym

I love the feeling when I walk out of the gym but getting myself there is another story. After getting engaged I knew that tightening & toning my body was something I wanted to focus in on leading up to our wedding to feel confident & beautiful when the day finally came. Since I wasn't a gym regular I wanted to ease into this new routine & set myself up for as much success as possible. Knowing that if I tried to commit to too much I wouldn't stick to it I decided to start with a four day plan. Ray & I also joined the same gym which he has pushed me to work harder, taught me new workouts, & helped me to be more consistent. It was a bonus knowing that we get to spend an hour of quality time together each morning bettering our health. Working on this goal together has been the best bonding experience.

2. Find an esthetician you trust & setup a plan for your skin.

Literally two days after getting engaged I reached out to Melody Sopa Artistry to get into her spa & start working on my skin. I am probably the least consistent person ever when it comes to washing my face at night & my only "skin care routine" previously was makeup wipes & moisturizer. I have always had sensitive skin that was red & blotchy and I knew that this was the perfect excuse to give my skin a refresh. Melody helped me to target the areas that needed the most improvement, got me on a daily skincare routine that was quick & easy so I would stick to it (for the most part) and educated me every step of the way so I understood the benefits of each change so that I valued its worth. I now visit & will continue to visit Melody every 6 weeks to continue to improve my skins health so that it radiates on my wedding day. It has only been 4 short months & already I see amazing improvements. I can only imagine how beautiful it will look when an entire year has passed.

3. Whiten those teeth!

You are about to spend thousands of dollars on a photographer &/or videographer who are going to capture your every move up close & personal so it pays to brighten your teeth. Going to the dentist & getting a professional whitening treatment is always your best option for quick & effective results. Another great option are the over the counter whitening strips which you can use up until the day before your wedding. It is a more gradual change in your teeth so starting early is important but it is a cost-effective option that still gets the job done.

4. To spray tan or not to spray tan?

With a January wedding I knew that the possibility of getting a natural tan was just shy of impossible. White dress + January weather = spray tan needed for this girly. To prep for the most important tan of my year I will get a few spray tans leading up to the big day to practice pre-tan care, post-tan care & a few different tanning businesses to see which works best for my skin. It is also the perfect excuse to get a nice glow for my bachelor party & bridal shower.

5. Plan your waxing

Sounds simple but you would be shocked at how many brides wait until the last minute to get their brows done before the wedding & then their makeup application just doesn't go on the same. Get them done at least a week to a week & a half before the wedding to ensure they are in the best condition! I have been going to Neroli (shout out to the amazing Samantha at the Kenilworth location) for nearly six years now & always love the way they do my brows. Quick, easy, painless & the redness goes down so quickly.

My favorite Makeup Artists in the Milwaukee Area:

1. Lustrous Beauty Studio

2. Melody Sopa Artistry

My favorite Hair Stylists in the Milwaukee Area:

1. Lexi Lee Hair

2. Opal Bloom

3. Mandy at Impressions MKE

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