Wedding Day Gift Guide: For Him

Now that we are within 6 months of our wedding day (not that I am counting or anything...) I have started to pull some wedding day gifts together for those extra special people in our lives as a "thank you" for everything they have done not only on the wedding day but also in helping to get us to this point in our lives.

As I searched online for unique wedding day gift ideas it occurred to me that pulling together the ultimate gift guide might be helpful to all of you as well. In this specific gift guide you will find ideas for the men in your lives. Maybe that's your dad, step-dad, grandfather, or maybe even a gift for your groom... Simple, easy, thoughtful gifts that all the men in your life would appreciate.

The father of the bride role is a big one on the wedding day and includes walking the bride down the aisle and kicking off the wedding speeches – you can calm his nerves with these great father of the bride example speeches here! – so he deserves a gift worthy of the task.

Full of fun and thoughtful ideas, there’s a gift here that every dad will love.

A Hand Written Letter.

This one is pretty common to give to your new hubby. A letter telling him how much you can't wait to walk down the aisle to say "I DO" to loving each other until the end of time. But did you think to write a special letter to your Dad who will be walking down beside you? Even the toughest & strongest men turn into total mush on their little girls wedding day & writing them a letter thanking them for holding your hand through life until this point brings tears to their eyes every single time.

Here is one of my favorite shops to get wedding day cards from on Etsy. Poppy Paper Design's has beautiful & timeless graphic options, fantastic quality card stock, and multiple envelope color choice to match your wedding day. Their customer service & response time is 10/10 and you can even add on a little wax seal to the envelope to dress it up a bit more.

Something He Can Wear That Day.

Maybe it's a tie clip, a pair of socks, or even a new fancy watch. Something he can wear with pride on the wedding day but also to remember the day by once it is over can hold so much sentiment.

These custom sock's would be perfect for the guys who need a good laugh on a day filled with a lot of emotions. You could do sock's with the brides face or a photo of your fur baby. Simple, personalized & memorable.

Custom Mug

Did anyone else get their dad a custom mug with your face on it nearly every year for fathers day until you were probably 8 years old? Just me? We used to joke that whoever's mug he chose to drink out of that day was his favorite child. Well why not give him just one more to add to the collection (& remind him who his favorite child is) or start the same tradition with your new hubby.

These custom mug's would be the perfect updated version of a timeless gift. The lid is a fantastic addition for those dad's on the go as well.

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