Wedding Gratuity Guide

How to Tip:

Separate each vendor category into a single envelope.

Example: put the gratuity for the DJ into one envelope, the gratuity for your wedding planner into another, etc etc.

Then within each envelope put your desired amount for that team inside & then on wedding day pass it off to the lead person to distribute among their team.

For Example: the makeup artist might bring two additional artists with her that day to help. Give the envelope to the lead artist & she can split it up amongst her team.

I suggest always paying in cash for this portion to make it easier to split the gratuity among the team members.

Who to Tip:

Photographer & Videographer - $100-200 per shooter

Catering - 10 to 15% (if not already included)

Bar - 15% (if not already included)

Ceremony Musicians - $50-100 per musician

DJ & Photo Booth - 15-20%

Event Planner - 15-20%

Hair/Make-up - 15-20% (split equally between stylists)

Transportation - 15-20% (split between drivers)

Of course these are all suggestions & it is not mandatory to do the entire vendor team. Gratuity should be given as a token of appreciation & to those vendors that provided fantastic service.

Who Should Handle the Tip:

If you have a wedding planner, typically they will collect all of the envelopes from you at the rehearsal or wedding morning to pass out to the vendors come wedding day at an appropriate time.

If you do not have the luxury of a planner handling this, I would suggest assigning it to a close family member that you would feel comfortable passing them out (ex: a parent, sister, etc). Typically they would hand off the gratuity towards the end of the vendors shift OR during dinner.

Photography: Lindsay Cole Photography

Venue: Vista MKE

Photo Booth: Sound By Design

Planner: Events to a T

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