Wedding Morning Attire

A classic element to any wedding morning for the ladies is matching getting ready gear! Whether you are opting for matching robes or PJ's having a cohesive look for your girls always makes for great morning photo's (& a fantastic gift to your girls).

Tips For Choosing The Right "look" :

  1. Pick a "look" they can wear over & over again - Personalized gifts are the best! Having an item or two say "bridesmaids" on it is great & definitely a tradition but it in my opinion, opting for just their name is even better! For my bridesmaids PJ's I had theirs say their name (ex: Maria, Diane, Danielle) and mine had my new last name on it (Mrs. Riordan). This personalization made them extra special but also allowed for them to wear them again!

  2. Etsy is a quick & easy option - Etsy has thousands of beautiful options for getting ready looks (I'll link a few of my favorites here). The process is quick & easy. Just simply find one you love, choose a color & monogram, and you're done!

  3. But Etsy isn't the only option (or the most affordable option) - With such a large bridal party of 11 girls + 3 moms + my nana + my aunt + me.... buying $30 pajama's off of Etsy just wasn't a feasible task. Instead we used Black Friday to our advantage & ordered PJ's from Target which were nearly 40% off & monogramed them ourselves using my cousin/bridesmaids cricket. This saved me a lot of money & the pajama's were honestly better quality & more comfortable than items I was seeing online. Target typically runs PJ sales for Valentines Day & Black Friday so watch for those! (I'll link a few of my current favorites here).

  4. Personalizations are not necessary - Sure, having "bridesmaids" or their names on a gift is always a beautiful detail but it is definitely not necessary! In my opinion having a comfortable, adorable, cohesive look is more important than anything else!

  5. Think about weather when choosing your morning "look" - If you are getting married in the fall or winter like I did, shorts & a tank top probably won't be the most cozy option. On the flip side, if you are a July bride wearing a long sleeve PJ set will probably be a bit too warm for your girls. Being comfortable is most important while you are lounging around being pampered all morning.

Pro Tip: Not only should you wear your PJ's in the morning while you are getting your hair & makeup done but I also strongly suggest wearing it while you open your card from your groom. Reading the letter is usually a sweet, emotional & intimate moment and should be done in your cozy PJ's right before putting on your wedding dress. The letter gives you this rush of emotion leaving you wanting to run to your soon-to-be hubby right away!

Bonus Pro Tip: Bring your wedding PJ's on your honeymoon!

Photography Credit: Uttke Photography

Wedding Planner: Events to a T

Hair: Opal Bloom

Makeup: Melody Sopa Artistry

Hotel: Westin Hotel Milwaukee

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